Sunday, July 25, 2010

Twinkies, free apps and rain, oh my!!

Okay, so I have learned that pulling an all-nighter during the night is easy, but not so much the day after. I'm determined to stay awake though because I have to start getting up a little bit earlier in preparation for school. During the summer, I go to bed around 4:30 am, but school starts at 7:49 am, so that will have to change.): Despite this, I am so ready for eighth grade!! All I need is my schedule and I'm good to go!

Today, I also got a new iPod Touch app called Super Seven, and I wanted to talk a little bit about it. made it today's free app, so check it out before the sale's over! Super Seven is a game where you drag numbers toward each other to create the number 7, without going over. It sounds easy, but trust me, it's not. I highly recommend it. Also, try to beat my high score: 84. Good luck!

Back to the all-nighter topic though-I woke up at exactly 5:37 am, ate a Twinkie, drank a Mountain Dew, and sat outside by my pool and listened to my iPod. It smelled so great, like rain. That is so rare here in Phoenix! I just had to enjoy every minute of it. Okay, that's all for now, check back later today, there might be a new post! See you later! Comment, subscribe, follow!!

Random thought of the day-If oranges were purple, would they still be called "oranges", or "purples"? Would the color names switch, or what?


  1. Ah, now that is the sort of thought pattern that interests me in your random thought of the day regarding oranges being called purples or...! Maybe you could have a random thought of the day every so often - I would look in!

    You may wonder how I got here. I follow Captain Dave's Flight Level 390 ( and looked at Cathy's blog after she made a comment on FL390. I live in Perth, Western Australia, the most isolated capital city in the world - amazing how we get around the world just like that in cyberspace!

    I also wanted to comment on your saying rain is so rare in Phoenix. If we don't get our rain in our winter (July & August), we're in trouble as we have a long dry summer. Summers are hot, but not as hot as Phoenix. We are on the coast and get a life-saving late afternoon sea breeze most days. Winter so far has had cold mornings but clear, sunny, blue skies during the day. I think I can count about 8 days with rain this year - not a good situation.

    Keep on blogging - it's fun and you never know who you will meet!

  2. Thanks Noella, I appreciate the random thought suggestion!(: Maybe I could do one every Monday...? And also, I have to say I envy you, because of the fact that you get so much more rain that here.): Have a great day, and I hope you keep checking back because I'm gonna be updating more now that I'm not as busy.(: